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[24 May 2018|07:01pm]


Excuse the journal while I'm getting this ironed out svp! I wanted to gauge some interest on a character concept I have in mind and see if anyone could help me decide on a face while I was at it.

The character himself is a fashion designer, either doing showgirl/drag costumes or bespoke suits a la Joshua Kane. He'll be a native who moved to NYC for awhile for work but has come back home after a failed business venture, a recentish breakup and some family stuff that he needs to deal with. He'd be a new regular client.

I'm actually kind of all over the place on faces and have different ideas for all of them. Ones being considered are Jonathan Van Ness, Kameron Michaels, Eric Rutherford, John Halbach, and Benjamin Kuehnemund, which are listed in order of my personal preference. If there's someone else you'd like to see for a specific line, I'm open to suggestions!
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[23 May 2018|03:53pm]


Good afternoon gents! I'm hoping to bring in Keanu Reeves as head of security. He will protect the Snakes no matter what. Otherwise I'm still sort of thinking of his history. I'm thinking he may be an ex porn star to that went to the ranch later on. I'm looking for basically anything you can throw at me. Lovers, best friends, favorite snakes? Maybe even a roommate? The possibilities are endless.
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[19 May 2018|12:06pm]


now that this guy is approved and added in, i'll intro him real quick.

this is kai alderton. he's pretty much brand new to the ranch and to vegas. he lived his life thinking he was an only child, only to realize when news of an unknown brother's death that he was being raised by his grandparents and they kept the truth of his brother and his father from him. his brother was a good guy and a member of the ranch. kai didn't want to go home to new york after his "parents" deceit so he came west, and after learning that he was the closest relative to his brother (who forbade anything to be left to their father) he inherited his place. so he's living in his place, trying to learn who he was and feel a connection to him and dances part time at the ranch in hopes the people there could give him some insight to his brother.

so! i'd love some of his brother's regular snakes, friends, etc to kind of connect with him just to kind of show him who his brother was and help him kind of get to know him as to ease the pain of never getting a chance to in person. that's the main goal, but i'm open to discussing ways for people to know/get to know him!

and if anyone needs a roommate he's got a huge place and could use one or two.
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[14 May 2018|09:09pm]


i want put out some feelers so i can get some inspiration to work on an actual bio/facts for him, i'm working on bringing in this 23 year old with kj apa's face. i'm heavily debating between him being in an the closet, very spoiled trust fund baby who uses that money at the ranch OR a sex worker, but i'm leaning toward my first idea because there's just so much fun that could be had with that. i'd love any sort of lines to go along with the first idea, maybe someone he frequently books with (that just so happened to be his first, too. ) a roommate, family, an ex where the relationship came out because he didn't want to come out, hit me up.
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[12 May 2018|10:26pm]


Hey guys, hoping to bring in this guy as a client who works as a paramedic. He's genuinely a good guy, that after a hard break up is trying to get back into seeing other men again, and that is the reason why he started to visit the ranch. I'm thinking he has been around for a few months, but has mostly been mingling and has not yet booked any snakes.

Would love to find the ex he broke up with for something complicated, best friend, a sexworker that tries to get him to finally give in, other friends, everything!
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