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in the morning when i wake and the sun is coming through, you fill my lungs with sweetness and you fill my head with you.
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[17 Jun 2018|09:50pm]


The mods have inspired me to throw this fella out there again!

Barry is the assistant IT manager at the ranch. He can be a bit of a drama queen at times, but is a total sweetheart. He is a shameless flirt who loves to cuddle and make out and be a social butterfly. The best way to get his undivided attention is to bring up one of his passions (video games, tattoos, comic books and other geeky things).

Looking for ALL THE THINGS.
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[15 Jun 2018|03:13pm]


Hey guys! So I was thinking about bringing in this Troye Sivan pb as a client to the Ranch and was just going to put some feelers out for some lines! At this time I have that he's the youngest son of a popular actress and her perpetual partner-in-crime, he's happy and gay and proud and uses the fame he gets from his mother to be a bit of an activist for sexuality & gender expressions. When he's not his mother's date to various events he dabbles in writing (he's in the process of writing his first proper novel) and painting.

He'd be new to the Ranch and while he's excited about all the gorgeous men he's also really excited to see all the new people he's going to be able to meet!
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[12 Jun 2018|04:10pm]


Hey, guys! So it seems like I may have lost Cris's major line. Before I drop him, because I love him and really hesitate to do that, I was just throwing out some feelers to see if I could forge new connections. Thank y'all in advance!
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